Jewelry Lust

(originally published March 13, 2008)

Okay, I confess. I am addicted to jewelry. I hardly ever wore any jewelry, besides my wedding ring, before about 5 years ago. Most days I wore nothing but empty holes in my ears. And now? Now I find myself lusting after new jewelry constantly.

gold bangles

I blame Willow. Willow always wears (or used to wear) a lovely necklace, a simple diamond solitaire on a fine gold chain. Her other trademark is a growing collection of thin gold bangles. No matter where she is, she looks great. She can be wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but with her gold on, she looks like a million bucks. (It doesn’t hurt that she’s tall and somewhat regal in bearing.) Joelle also contributed to my corruption by buying me girlfriend jewelry for our shared birthday over the years.

monterey plaza hotel & spa

The big turning point was few years ago, when Willow & I spent the weekend in Monterey. We stopped in at the jewelry store where her husband had purchased her necklace. While she was chatting with the jeweler, I saw it. The necklace. MY necklace. Two tiny intertwined rings, one gold, one platinum studded with diamonds, on a braided triangular silver chain.  I immediately thought of what a lovely, symbolic anniversary gift it would make were Howard to give it to me.

But Howard wasn’t there, and the necklace was. Before I saw it, I would never have thought I’d want something like it, but now I had to have it. So, even though I had never before bought myself anything more extravagant than a pair of cheapie earrings, I forked over my American Express card. And the necklace was ALL MINE.

That’s where it started, and now I ask for jewelry for every occasion. Howard thinks I have enough, but he is so wrong! Not, mind you, that I have anything really expensive. I rarely buy anything from an actual jewelry store. But I do love my cool “jewels.”

Now I hear that my jewelry-designing friend has come up with a new line of jewelry . . . something goddess-y. I’m a goddess, right? I already have two of her necklaces, but this sounds pretty intriguing.

So if you were wondering what you could give me for St. Patrick’s Day, wonder no more!

April 24, 2012 postscript: I got this little beauty from the Tiffany mother ship on 5th Avenue in NYC last spring. I’m pretty sure that makes me officially an adult.


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