I put a spell on you: Kitchen edition

Was looking for something to brighten up a corner of the kitchen, and caught sight of this small canvas at Target.


utensils for the kitchen

It was cute-ish and inoffensive (insert ironic foreshadowing here) so I bought it, but now I can’t use it.

This is why:



And this:


come on!

I can tolerate typos in correspondence. Heck, I’ve even been known to commit a few myself. And I’m kind to others when they commit them. (Unless they’ve asked for an edit. Then it’s gloves off.)

But in something that’s gonna hang on my wall? No, no, no. And really, ladle and whisk?

You say once an English major, always an English major. Perhaps, but I’ve always believed in spelling as intelligence indicator. Excellent spelling = smart cookie. Poor spelling = you’ve been raised by wolves in some remote backwater.

I’ve been proved wrong about my prejudice more than once, but it is hard to overcome.

I’ll spare you the (rest of the) rant. I know you’re disappointed, but we’re packing the first of two kids off to college, so there’s just no time.

Savvy doesn’t mind the misspellings, so she gets to take the picture to her new kitchen in Arizona.


One thought on “I put a spell on you: Kitchen edition

  1. Chalk one up for the Grammar Police! My favorite was a miniature Christmas village schoolhouse I received from my mother (intelligent, but a lousy speller) that had a sign on it labeling it as a “Grammer School”. I guess they taught tiny Frasier Cranes on the grounds.

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