Odds and ends

Since my last post, we had two big goodbyes!

We moved Daughter #1 to Arizona in August …

Go Wildcats!

And Daughter #2 to Santa Barbara in September …

Go Gauchos!

I then came home to a very empty nest (our daughters have rather large personalities) and many, many unfinished projects.

I’ll pause here so you can weep for me.

Done? Good, me too.

I did finish sewing a couple of things over the summer, including Howard’s quilt top. It’s kind of an ugly duckling, though, so you don’t get to see it. Not at the moment, anyway. You can see these, though:

Pillowcases (using the “magic pillowcase” tutorial) …

they even sorta match our duvet

Graduation bunting (the graduate’s HS and university colors are conveniently the same). I used the same process as with the Cinco de Mayo pennants

they went off to college with her, sniff!

Valances for my bff’s classroom (shhhh, she’s not supposed to have curtains in there) …

cheery squiggle fabric – perfect for first grade

looks perky, yes?

I also made comforters for both girls to take to their new college digs, but neglected to take photos of them, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So now that I’m not working (either the paid or volunteer kind) and don’t have any regular board or committee meetings to attend, I have a lot of time on my hands. And, luckily, I have a lot to do to fill that time!

A partial list:

Big Project One: Convert Daughter #1’s bedroom to a sewing room/office. It’s so much brighter up there, so it should be more conducive to working on, and perhaps finishing, creative pursuits;

Big Project Two: Convert downstairs office/sewing/guest room back into a bedroom. It’ll be D1’s while she’s home for school vacations, and and free of clutter for when guests come to stay.

Lest you be concerned, I have D1’s permission to make the switch. Since we took out the downstairs closet to convert it into an alcove, and since D1 left quite a lot stuff behind in her closet, this is going to a big switch.

I won’t even discuss D2’s room, since it resembles a tornado aftermath (yes, she did leave it that way), and I’m not prepared to contemplate that task yet.

I have several sewing projects already in progress, and I SHOULD finish them before I move on. Really I should.

Big Project Three: I’ve discovered that, much as I’d like to say otherwise, I don’t practice my music unless I have a performance to work toward, whether that be a concert or recital. I’m quite deadline oriented that way. So, I signed up for Napa School of Music’s Garage Band 101 for Adults (my 6th session, thank you very much).

my shamefully neglected bass guitar ~ yes, i do play it!

We’re now in week 5, with 6 songs under our belts, so evidently that was the kick in the pants that I needed. It took until last week to feel like a bass player again.

My band this session is a nice mix of GB101 veterans old and new, and a brand-new (to us) drummer. We’ll be playing Creedence Clearwater Revival and Eagles covers, along with another adult GB101 band, at Silo’s on December 15th.

Here’s a fave shot from my very first GB101 performance, a Beatles-themed concert at Napa Valley Opera House on November 15, 2009:

the red hot sgt peppers

In addition, with a regime of swimming, hot hula, yoga and whatever else strikes my fancy (piloxing? trx? barre?), my abs are going to be looking like this in no time:

believe it!

For serious. For reals. Don’t doubt it for a second.

§ § § § § § §

Wish me luck with all my projects. And stay tuned: You may will be seeing works in progress and finished products right here in this very spot.

Till then,


One thought on “Odds and ends

  1. The first thing my parents did when I went off to college (and I was the first child in the family to do so), they moved my brother into my room and made mine into a guest room! And no, they didn’t tell/ask me first! Great job on some wonderful projects — enjoy your newfound life!

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