WIP Wednesday 6/19/13

I’m beginning to have enough projects that jotting down notes to myself is no longer sufficient. Writing a blog post gives me a better visual reference to use as a goal, as well as making me accountable to all my imaginary readers. Linking up to Freshly Pieced’s WIP (work in progress) Wednesday post puts a little more pressure on me to get ’em done. There are more, but let’s start with these:

Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt

Back in the fall, Tessa requested A Trip Around the World as the pattern for her quilt. We have a very well-loved (read: falling to shreds) quilt in that pattern and she wanted a new one all her own.

via favequilts.com

via favequilts.com

At the time, I had no clue how to go about making one, other than cutting a million squares and painstakingly stitching them together.

Since my piecing isn’t up to that standard and I strive for a modicum of sanity at all times, I planned a different quilt and started cutting accordingly. Then I saw the Scrappy Trip Along that seemingly everyone in Blogland and on Instagram was doing, looked up the tutorial on Quiltville, and away I went.

the very first scrappy trip around the world block ~ mine, at least

Now I have one block done and three more in progress. I know it’s supposed to be scrappy but Tessa wants the “one giant diamond” (Barn Raising?) layout rather than multiple diamonds, so I’m doing a bit of pre-planning.

only one block is actually finished ~ the others are still in rows

I’ll do 16 more blocks around the outsides of these, and maybe incorporate some of the strips and HSTs I’d previously cut into some sort of border.

Musical Necktie for Alan

I have my very last (for now) bass lesson with my awesome teacher, Alan, later today. We have a great rapport, and he is an excellent teacher, but something’s gotta give at this point, and unfortunately, bass lessons are it.

jazzy fabric

jazzy fabric for a jazzy guy

I want to make him a thank you gift (but may just settle for a bottle o’ wine or a restaurant gift card if time runs short). He loves neckties, and I think I have enough of this fabric to make the Best Men’s Tie Pattern from Georgia Leigh’s blog (formerly called Puking Pastilles … perhaps she’s outgrown the Weasleys?)

Stay tuned.

New Songs

Speaking of staying tuned, I have a few new songs to learn and/or polish up for my band.


  • Gimme Three Steps ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • With a Little Help from My Friends ~ Joe Cocker version


  • She Talks to Angels ~ The Black Crowes
  • Good Riddance ~ Green Day
bass homework

bass homework

… and if I ever nail down the vocal harmony for Black Velvet while playing it on the bass (ha), you will be able to hear me celebrating from wherever you are.

Back to stitchery …

Tote Bag for Cassie

Oh, this is a fun one. My sister’s birthday is June 25, so I can probably finish this in time to get it to her by then. Except that this is her present from last year. A little embarrassing but not uncharacteristic for me, unfortunately. I’ll tuck something else in, maybe a gift card or a little pouch, as this year’s gift and that will make it all better. Probably.

stitching math = hard for people with s.a.s.s.

Yes, this is as far as it’s gotten. I’m attempting to combine two free pattern/tutorials to come up with the bag that I’m envisioning. Not only does this involve different finished dimensions, but also different methods of construction, pocket styles and placement, etc.

I realize it’s just simple arithmetic, but I stress about it because I don’t want to cut into the fabric only to find my measurements were wrong. So if you know of a kindly god of mathematics out there, send a prayer in that direction for me, won’t you?

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 6/19/13

  1. All beautiful! It’s also good to know after all these years that I’m really just imaginary. That explains a great deal.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but that’s no reason for me to accuse you of being imaginary. I do have approximately 5 real live followers, including you. I was referring to those other, illusory readers, the ones who exist only in my mind.
      Thanks, Real Kathy!

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