WIP Wednesday 09/04/13

There’s been a dearth of sewing around these parts lately. August had me jumping with other commitments, but I’m back at it now. I have lots I want to do before the Sew On Northern California retreat later this month!


It’s embarrassing to admit that many of my WIPs are not much further along than when last I posted. My sister’s tote bag, for instance.

However, I did finish the tie for my bass teacher!

I forgot to take a photo of it until I was on my way to give it to him, so here we have car seat, lunch menu and gift bag as backdrop:

a little wide, maybe?

a little wide, maybe?

My ongoing WIP this summer has been Tessa’s Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt.


it’s a very slow trip around the world

It’s taken forever because I decided 16 blocks was enough. Then I had to decide what to do with the many many  5″ squares and 2″ strips back I’d cut, back when I thought I’d be making a different type of quilt. Eventually, after much agonizing quilt mathematical calculating, I incorporated them into a diamond border and a 4-patch border, with crisp white borders between.

I still need to add the 4-patch borders to the top and bottom. Then I think I’ll do a 3″ border of a yellow stripe from my stash and call it good.

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